Competition Personnel

The competition is organized into teams identified by their color. 

Blue Teams

The Blue Teams are the students participating in the competition.  Each team is identified by a number, e.g., Blue Team 1, Blue Team 2, etc.  These teams may have up to six members as identified on the Team Roster Form.  Each team members must be a full-time student in a high school in Illinois.  Each team will have its own room.

Red Team

The red team is comprised of students at Illinois State University who will attempt to infiltrate and disrupt the blue teams’ networks.

White Team

The white team includes high school faculty, ISU faculty, ISU students, and other volunteers who will act as competition judges, room monitors.  Judges will assess the blue teams’ ability to maintain their network and services and ability to complete competition assignments.  Each blue team will have a white team member present in the room to assist judges by observing the teams.

Chief Judge

·          Serves as the final authority on scoring decisions or issues relating to equity or fairness of events or activities

·          Cannot be from any institution that has a competing Blue team or have any interest in any team outcome

·          Final authority of all judging decisions, including assessment of final scores and winners of the competition

Gold Team

The gold team is comprised of administrative staff and others who administer the logistics of the competition including setting up rooms, providing food and snacks, and other administrative items.